About Us

Our Story

Kala Bharti Foundation is a social organization that believes in its motto 'HEALS' which stands for Health, Education, Art, Literature, and Sensitivity. The organization focuses on the holistic development of society. Emphasis on good health and education plays an important role if art and literature are incorporated in a good stride. By doing so, one can surely achieve the goal of a compassionate society. The foundation is dedicated to achieving the goal of love, peace, and unity through art and education.

Who we are

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic shook and made every aspect of our life uncertain. People confined to their homes realized the power of art and how much inner strength it channelizes in an individual. It was noticed that artists were content with their life as their goal and vision was clear but on the other hand, performers had a hard time because they had no audience to watch them.

In Kala Bharti Foundation these two thoughtful individuals join forces to support artists, initially assisting musicians, painters, and authors. Working together with them, the motto "Healthy Life...Artistic Life" came into existence.

Vision and Mission

Kala Bharti Foundation has a clear vision to create a healthy and artistic society in the future. By 2030, the organization will synchronize with the SDG goals of the government and help the community around it.

The mission of the organization is to find good artists and writers and help them financially by publishing their books. A pool of exceptional artists from all the 29 states and 7 union territories of this country will assist this organization. The organization will work pan India by appointing their representatives all over the states to give the real picture to the society and the nation.

Activities of KBF

1. Urban vaccination camp, 2. Rural vaccination camp, 3. Blood Donation Camp, 4. Save the artist, 5. Educating people, 6. Save the environment and 7. Humanitarian activity

Mamta Soni,

National President, Kala Bharti Foundation

Sushil Bharti,

Founder, Kala Bharti Foundation